How to make your dog do whatever you want


#1. Teach it obedience

Since its tender age, you can train your dog to become obedient through various ways. Alex Huereca, a real estate El Paso TX agent, knows that too well. Ensure to reward it every time it does a perfect thing. Involve it in all the activities that you think it is necessary for it to know to ensure that it gets used to you at all times. Make it obey simple instructions like go outside, come here, sit move, eat and others because these are the things that are going to make it communicate to you directly.

#2. Reward it

As a pet and a home dog, you will with time realize what it likes most and what it does not like most. Just like a kid or human being, you can make it learn the various activities that makes it rewarded when it does better. To ensure that it sticks to the set rules, you can give it what it real likes after doing a certain task that you have commanded it to do so.

#3. Punishment

The mind of a dog can be trained to know that bad things deserve a punishment and good things deserve a reward. This way, it is going to live knowing that you are the caretaker and it needs to obey failure to which it would lead to punishment. Nobody likes punishment, therefore, it would easily obey everything that you. Another way is by making sure that it becomes a string friend with you such that when you go away for one day, it can’t wait to see you in the evening.

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