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Please  read this........
especially the reference to pages 58 &  59


"I have  reviewed selected
sections of the bill, and find it unbelievable  that our Congress, led
by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, could come up  with a bill loaded with so many
wrong-headed  elements."


"Both  Republicans and Democrats
are equally responsible for the  financial mess of both Social Security
and  Medicare programs."


"I am  opposed to HB 3200 for a
number of reasons.  To start with,  it is estimated that a federal
bureaucracy of more than 150,000  new employees will be required   to
administer HB3200.   That is an unacceptable expansion of a government
that is  already too intrusive in our lives.  If we are going to hire
 150,000 new employees, let's put them to work protecting our  borders,
fighting the massive drug problem and putting more law
 enforcement/firefighters out  there."


JUDGE  KITHIL continued:  "Other problems I have with

this bill  include:

** Page  50/section 152:  The bill will provide insurance

to all  non-U.S. residents, even if they are here  illegally.

** Page 58 and 59: The  government will have

real-time access to an individual's bank  account and will have the
authority to make electronic fund  transfers from those accounts.

** Page 65/section 164:   The plan will be subsidized (by

the government) for all  union members, union retirees and for community
organizations (such as the  Association of  Community Organizations for
Reform Now -  ACORN).

** Page 203/line 14-15:   The tax imposed under this

section will not be treated  as a tax.  (How could anybody in their
right mind come up  with that?)

** Page 241 and 253:   Doctors will all be paid the same

regardless of  specialty, and the government will set all doctors'

** Page 272.!  section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration

care according to  the patient's age.

** Page 317 and 321: The  government will impose a

prohibition on hospital expansion;  however, communities may petition
for an  exception.

** Page 425, line 4-12: The  government mandates

advance-care planning consultations.   Those on Social Security  will be
required to attend an "end-of-life planning" seminar every  five years.
(Death counceling.)

** Page 429,  line  13-25:  The government will specify

which doctors can  write an end-of-life order.

HAD ENOUGH????   Judge Kithil then goes on:

"Finally, it is specifically  stated that this bill will not

apply to members of  Congress.  Members of Congress are already exempt
from  the Social Security  system, and have a well-funded private plan
that covers  their retirement needs. If they were on our Social Security
 plan, I believe they would find a very quick 'fix' to make  the plan
financially sound for their future."

                     Honorable David Kithil

                     Marble Falls ,  Texas


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