4 things you should teach your dog as soon as possible


#1. Sit


The dog needs to learn how to sit and obey instructions. Jimmy Villatoro, an HVAC El Paso owner, was struggling with his GSD, he found very useful information on our site and now has his GSD being trained by our professionals. Sitting is a very good skill that the dog should learn to ensure it remains with the one position and at good places. Sometimes you could be taking a walk with and all of a sudden you happen to have an emergence. It would be good to tell the dog to sit and wait for you until you are through with your things.

#2. Lie down


This is a good skill especially during accidents when there is no way forward. The dog should lie down for its own safety to ensure that it is not injured or harmed by anything. In case there are accidents or any other problem which could threaten the safeness of the dog, the lie down skill is the best to ensure that the dog is safe.

#3. Come


Teach it the word come and its name. You can’t keep on pushing it now and the trying to make it understand that you want it to follow you. Come is a very good skill because it would be easy for you to communicate to it. All dogs that are trained this skill happen to develop good relationships with the owner of the dog.

#4. Sitting at the street corners

At times you need to take a walk to some places and the dog may need to wait somewhere. Teach it how to wait at the street corners to ensure that it does not disrupt people or vehicles. This is an important skill because the dog is safe and it does not trigger any harmful things that could be dangerous to it.

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