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Ensures dogs get the necessary skills to investigate crime scenes and other criminal scenarios.


Dogs are used by police from the government sector to investigate and find criminals as well as find evidence that could be used in court to prove someone guilty or innocent. Police use dogs to chase thieves as well because the dogs are trained to use footsteps to trace the thieves or hidden drugs. Depending on the breed that one wants to be trained, there are various methods and techniques used to ensure that everything falls in line as needed. Every breed performs well in various environment that is why we only select the breeds that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

There are various calibers of dogs that can be trained to handle various criminal aspects in the society. One is the bomb and explosive assessment dogs which are trained to reveal the existence of any explosives in vehicles and places that terrorist could be planning to attack. The dogs are trained with real explosives, how to find them and how to communicate to their controllers. The drugs and illicit brew dogs are trained to analyze luggage, places and various platforms that could be in suspect of containing these illegal things.

Dogs are trained not only to become sharp in the investigative role but they are also equipped with the perfect knowledge to become obedience and have proper interaction with their controllers. Dogs need to be taught how to be friendly and how they could easily make friendship with people who are not enemies. The response of any dog is determined by how efficient it was trained and that is why it is good to have them practically tested before they are allowed to practice in the field. This is what makes the dogs to be extraordinary and reliable at all times.

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